Peg’s inspiration for teaching comes from her 30 years experience in the salon industry. Over the first 10 years of her career, Peg was influenced by various training including Suga, The Burlington’s of London, Jacques Desange and Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy-London. In 1989, after returning from training in London, Peg joined the staff of the Roger Thompson Salon.

For 10 years, Peg directly trained with and worked for Roger Thompson. Roger being Vidal Sassoon’s original International Creative Director, brought her a wealth of creativity and business knowledge on which to draw upon. Peg feels that it is important to pass on the work integrity and dedicated disciplined techniques learned from the decade she spent working alongside him. Roger was the most influential person of her career and her biggest inspiration to create “Advanced Salon Seminars” and “Hair United”.

Peg also co-founded Hair United, a Salon Industry Education group that evolved from the collective vision of a unique trio of dedicated hairdressers that bring a passion in their experience that is renowned in the Hair Industry. The three principals are Tony Beckerman, Peg Cribari, and Ian Gavet. Together they bring a broad spectrum of information to their seminars ranging from technical, to business and product development. The mission of Hair United is to bring together hair educators from across the world, and regardless of their individual product or tool company affiliation, work collectively to raise the bar of hair education through demonstrating techniques that can move through any cut or color.

Additionally, Peg is co-owner of Salon three thirty, a high-end hair salon located in the fashionable Uptown district of Dallas, Texas, Peg, along with her business partners, have built a business that includes Dallas’ most prestigious clientele roster. The chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the salon as well as a continuing involvement in the Dallas community, keeps the style makers in town on the books.

Peg recently had the pleasure of working with hair Icon Christopher Brooker on his new project, a haircutting DVD training manual. Christopher Brooker was International Creative Director for Vidal Sassoon during the 70’s and 80’s, and created Iconic cuts for Sassoons and the hairdressing world that still influence the hair community today. Christopher came to Dallas in February to film Peg’s cut contribution to the DVD manual. The first installment of the DVD training manual is scheduled to release late 2011.