DIY Haircuts

Tutorial for Cutting Straight Bangs

We humans have always found our personalities in the way we look. Our hairstyles, makeup and clothes define the genre we want to be identified by. But why do some feel that they need to cut their own hair? If you search the web, there are endless videos of DIY  haircutting tutorials. Is this because people are being frugal? Is it a time saver for busy lives, or is it the satisfaction of doing it them selves?Offering complimentary “tune-up” services at salons like bang/fringe and neck trims help to cut down (no pun intended) on home haircutting disasters. It keeps the original cut going a bit longer for clients. It is a quick “value added service” to the original haircut service and it builds client loyalty and confidence in their stylists. I usually do 2 bang trims a day in the salon.Of course, if you have that occasional client that is a closet hairdresser, take the time to show them how to do it right with a little bang trim 101 lesson. Least of all, consider it damage control! ;-)


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